It’s International Women’ Day, Study Cat!

It’s International Women’s Day, Study Cat! There’s still a long way to go until gender parity is the norm rather than the exception (just like there’s a long way to go until this PhD is finished…). But there’s a change in the air, don’t you think? And it feels a little bit like spring.

Meanwhile, you keep being the strong and fluffy wonder that you are and I’ll follow your lead.




Hello, Study Cat. I see you’ve gone lo-tech.

Hello, Study Cat. I see you’ve gone lo-tech.

I have a nice new computer and am attempting to complete my thesis, but I see now that you obviously know how best to go about things.

May I borrow your pencil?


E pencil

Any New Year’s resolutions, Study Cat?

Got any resolutions for 2018, Study Cat?

No? Hard, I guess, when you’re already so purrfect.

Mine is to finish this damned PhD. But I can’t do it without you, Study Cat, you know that. So here’s to another year of cat fluff in my keyboard, paw marks on my papers, and penetrating stares when it’s time for dinner.


E New Year